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Please share your experiences with transcranial direct current stimulation with others. We would like to hear the reason you use it and the effects that it’s had. Simply use the comments box with this post to tell us your story.

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Your device was of immense help to me in controlling my moods through a difficult period this spring. Thank you.

Works great!! Highly recommended for value and my experience.

I ordered the kit about 4 months ago and it just sat in a drawer. I started using it about 10 days ago. anode FP1, cathode right shoulder. I think it definitely has an effect. I am able to concentrate better. I feel more ‘awake’ and surprisingly I seem to need less sleep(don’t know if this is good or bad). 10 days is a short time to come to any conclusions. My performance on my final exam in statistics and probability was the turning point. I used tdcs at about 10am. Exam was at 6pm. I breezed through it and walked out of a 3 hour exam in 1 hour (I was the first to leave so don’t have any indication of whether the exam itself was easy). I did study for 2 hours before the exam. Just thought I’d share my experience. Now my roommate wants me to order one for him…

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