Wonderful. Thank for making this device, I feel so much better about everything and I really feel I have a new lease on life. 10/10

– Sara Edwards (verified purchase)

As a musician and songwriter I found the Omni tDCS-Kit enhanced my creativity 200%. If I ever felt a lull in my ability I’d put my headband on, dampen the sponges, turn it on and watch the ideas flow. Amazing product!

– Phil O’Conner (verified purchase)

Great product. Best price and best quality on the market. Very sturdy. Holds up well with daily use. Best device out there and it gets results! AAA+++

– Curt P (verified purchase)

A life changing product. Purchased mine last October & without any hesitation have recommended it to my friends. I’m way more motivated, my mood has lifted, I’m more energetic, I get more things done. It’s almost a miracle. Seriously get it!

– Charley Linn (verified purchase)

This kit has to be the best bang for buck bargain there is. Fantastic customer support also.

– Bill Thomas (verified purchase)

Very Happy with purchase. Feel Happier and more alert. Omni answered all my questions and there were a lot. The unit works great and the 5 year warranty is unheard of in any purchase. The Omni have comes with bonus software and I listen to the 10 hour vocabulary course in the car which is really great.

– Pat W (verified purchase)

Get it, get it, get it! Now. First saw this YouTube and it actually really works if you get the blues!

– Natalie Daniels (verified purchase)

Being a very skeptical person I really didn’t expect it to have the nice effect on my mood that it did. I use it twice a week for 10 minutes and can vouch for its effectiveness. You can’t go wrong with a 5 year warranty either, who else offers that on anything?

– Tom Jacobs (verified purchase)

First thing I have bought in a long time that’s easily worth every cent I paid for it and more… A+

– Dan Michaels (verified purchase)