Omni Stimulator Reviews

Omni Stimulator Reviews:

Here you will find a collection of reviews for the Omni Stimulator submitted to tDCS-kit.  If you have a review you would like to submit please feel free to contact us.  All reviews are users of tDCS-Kit submitted through e-mail, we have however removed peoples last names for privacy reasons.

Simply Awesome!!!

“Awesome, this has worked much better than any meds. What a great device. I looked at many and just because this is cheaper don’t let yourself fall into the trap of thinking it’s cheaply made because it’s cheaply priced, it’s as good as the best. I use the electrodes in the depression position following a youtube video and I can’t rate in any lower than a 10/10. Top notch device.” – Sam T


Video Review:

Here we have a great video by Brandon Morgan of YouTube channel Kick Anxiety talking about his experience with the Omni Stimulator.





There is something to this:

“There’s no doubt that the fog has lifted. My moods are a lot better, I feel more clear headed and motivated and I’ve recommended this Omni device to over a dozen people. Don’t spend over 3 times as much on similar devices you’re just wasting your money. This device works great! I can really feel the results so don’t talk yourself out of trying the Omni Stimulator.” – Thomas W



“The Omni Stimulator has done wonders for me. It really helped me with my university studies. I feel a lot more focused, my memory has improved and any feelings of sadness have gone, thank you. I highly recommend anyone tries this.” – Ruth P


It’s amazing:

“Really light weight and easy to use this thing rocks!” – Nick G


My Omni tDCS Experience:

“I have used my Omni for the blues. First time was at 0.5mA then later at 1.mA for around 20 minutes. A couple of days after that 1.0mA for 30 minutes and I’ve had tremendous results. The blues are gone! I’m recommending it to all my sisters.”

Update: “it has been 6 weeks, I don’t have any recurrence of “the blues” and I’m feeling great. I’ve also had zero side effects. Thank you Omni for bringing an affordable and exceptionally effective tool to eliminate my suffering.” – Jennifer A


Great product

“Best quality and price available. It holds up with daily use and is very sturdy. It gets results, best device out there!” Tim E



“This product has given me positive results. Great value and simple and easy to use. For my needs I’ve found this very effective.” – Chris D


Tested product that works:

“I study healthcare, these products are normally very expensive and this item works!” – (name removed for privacy)



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