The Kit

D-I-Y kit $39.95 (free shipping in US) International shipping charges apply worldwide.

Our Complete kit includes:

  • 1 Power Supply Unit
  • 3 2”x2” Long Lasting, Wet/Dry, Silver Cloth, foam-backed Electrodes
  • 1 Storage bag
  • 1 HD or Gamers splitter wire
  • 1 Ear clip Ground Electrode.

NOTE: Electrode placement cap is no longer included in the kit. You will need to get your own headband or straps to hold the electrodes in place. Placement caps will be offered as individual item for purchase soon. If the plasctic connector is under the band it can cause contact to skin to be concentrated in small area and may cause marks on skin.

DIY means it is your responsibility to determine how and why you use this kit.
9v battery is not included.

Wonderful. Thank for making this device, I feel so much better about everything and I really feel I have a new lease on life. 10/10

– Sara Edwards (verified purchase)